Antiperspirant Without Aluminum

Is it Better to Use Antiperspirant Without Aluminum?

Have you ever considered the health benefits of switching to an antiperspirant without aluminum? Perhaps you weren’t aware that many deodorant and antiperspirant products contain some form of aluminum, such as aluminum zirconium or aluminum oxide. Aluminum is a naturally occurring metal and can be found in millions of products today. It can be found in the shell of a car, soft drink cans, computer components such as monitors and laptop frames, an iPod, and many other items! But, the chemical aluminum found in antiperspirant and deodorant has been the basis of many recent studies with results that suggest that aluminum-based hygiene products could actually be bad for one’s future health.

The Connection Between Aluminum and Alzheimer’s

Recent studies have shown the possibility of a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. Although studies regarding ht aluminum-Alzheimer’s link are still in their infancy, tests have shown that the presence of certain types of chemical aluminum in the brain proves to be toxic and can lead to the degeneration of brain cells—which is the primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease. This disease often begins with slips of memory and slight confusion but eventually it progresses to a point where a person’s memory is literally destroyed, sometimes along with the ability to learn and even use their imagination. Alzheimer’s can have a serious effect on a person’s quality of life. In fact, it is not uncommon for progressive Alzheimer’s disease to cause someone to forget family members and objects and even lose complete portions of their life due to memory loss. Imagine being 75 years old and waking up one morning believing yourself to be 18 again because as far as your mind is concerned, you haven’t lived those additional 57 years. It is a very overwhelming circumstance to take in and often leaves people feeling as though they were cheated out of nearly their entire life.


There is also the possibility that aluminum can also cause cancer. In fact, studies are beginning to suggest that aluminum could be a contributor to breast cancer in women. The theory is that the aluminum chemical blocks sweat from coming through the skin of one’s armpit. Sweat also contains toxins and when they are unable to escape through the skin they build up in the lymph nodes near the chest. As these toxins build up they are more likely to make their way towards the brain

Create Your Own Antiperspirant Without Aluminum

Creating your own antiperspirant without aluminum is a great alternative to using store-bought products. There are a variety of types of deodorant you can make, such as dry or wet forms. To make a wet antiperspirant, all you need is a bit of olive or jojoba oil as well as a few essential oils. Essential oils are pure oils that have been extracted from their plant counterparts. Lavender or peppermint are excellent scents for women whereas patchouli or cedarwood are great manly scents. You must also include an essential oil that has antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and lavender all have antibacterial properties, although tea tree oil and eucalyptus have a strong odor that may overpower the pleasing scent. Add a few drops of each essential oil to the base of your choice (olive, jojoba, coconut, etc.) and mix it until they are all incorporated. Simply rub a bit of the liquid mixture onto the skin of your armpits as needed! A dry form of deodorant can be created by mixing corn starch and baking soda with essential oils. Pat this powdery solution onto the skin as needed using your fingers or a cosmetic brush.