Anti Blemish Solutions

Best Anti Blemish Solutions

If you have unsightly pimple scars or skin discolorations that you would like to conceal, you may be on the hunt for some anti blemish solutions.  Facial discolorations or irregularities can really knock our confidence and affect our performance at work or in our personal lives.  As women, we are often judged by our appearance first, and there is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about how we look just before an important meeting or date.

So, how do you go about dealing with facial blemishes?

Apply Foundation

You probably already have one of the best kinds of anti blemish solutions around right in your makeup box--the foundation you probably already own.  Although not technically made for covering more intense blemishes, your current foundation can probably handle many of the smaller kind of blemishes that you might come across.  Of course, what you don’t want to do is to apply an extra layer of foundation in order to cover something up.  You have no doubt seen the result of a girl who just over did it with the foundation.  The sort of crusty look that some girls seem to want us to ignore really is not a good look for anyone.  If you can’t get the kind of coverage that you want from the normal amount of foundation that you usually use, then it is better not to try to double the amount.  There are other methods of getting rid of blemishes.

A Quick Tip:  One quick thing to remember about the kinds of blemishes that come and go—rashes, acne, and flaky dry skin—is that many of them are related to improper skin care.  Washing your face is important for avoiding these kinds of ephemeral blemishes.  In fact, one of the most effective anti blemish solutions is your bathroom sink.  Properly washing your face, at least twice a day can help ward off many of the blemishes named above.

As it turns out, however, many girls get some very bad advice about washing their faces.  You have to remember to be gentle with your face—keep rubbing gentle and use a washcloth.  Don’t rub your face too hard or you may end up having the opposite effect of what you would like.  Many blemishes arise from rashes and infections that come from skin that has been too severely scoured during washing.

Find a Good Concealer

Just in case you don’t know, a concealer is a type of foundation that is especially creamy and made to cover up blemishes.  Concealer comes in different colors and shades.  As with a foundation, it is important to find one that both matches your skin tone and that comes close to matching the tone of your blemish.  If you have very pale skin, that tends to be the most difficult kind for concealment.

Try to test your concealer on your wrist before applying it to your face to get a sense of the feel of the concealer.  Some concealers come off too watery or too shiny, so always try to get a sense of their consistency.

Another consideration that you should have in mind when you are looking for a good concealer is whether this product is good for your skin.  As you may know, one of the worst things a person with acne can do is to apply heavy foundation.  Foundation that covers skin pores can make skin irritation and acne worst by trapping oils in the skin.  Furthermore, you want to make sure to buy a concealer and foundation that are water rather than oil based.  Oil based foundation will actually dry out the skin, so that even if you wash your foundation and make-up off the moment you get home at night, your skin will still have gone through an entire day’s worth of damage.