Ankle Weights Benefits

Benefits Of Ankle Weights

Regardless of your age or activity that you are participating in, there can be some significant benefits of ankle weights.  If you are unfamiliar with what these are, they are simply bands that comfortably fasten with Velcro around your ankles.  They contain some type of heavy material to add weight such as metal bars, pellets or sand.  They are usually worn to build strength and increase the effects of even the mildest workout.

Added Leverage

One of he main benefits of ankle weights is the leverage that they provide to the wearer.  Since the weight is worn near your ankle, whenever you leg is extended, the leverage is increased.  Therefore, even the lightest of weights can have a huge impact on the exercise being performed.

Turn Up The Intensity

One of the most popular benefits of ankle weights and the reason why most people wear them is to elevate the intensity of their workout.  What this means is that you can have the same impact on your legs in a shorter amount of time.  Ankle weights direct the concentration of the workout to toning the muscles and building strength rather than aerobic activity.

For example, you may walk five miles before you start getting tired when you don't wear ankle weights.  However, once you put them on, you may find that after two miles, your legs are exhausted even though your lungs and heart feel unaffected.  While this is great for your legs, it is doing nothing for your cardiovascular system so you should be sure to work out without wearing them some days too.  This way you can focus on your heart as well.


One of the most significant benefits of ankle weight is that this new added resistance allows for a greater variety of exercises.  Adding just a little weight can completely transform simple movements into quite challenging exercises.  Below are some popular exercises that you can do to experience the benefit of ankle weights.


Always start with nothing heavier than two pound weights and slowly increase this.  You will be surprised at how much of an impact this little bit of weight actually has when you can't crawl out of bed the next day.  Always remain in control and take things slow, ankle weights can cause you to pull tendons or muscles in your knees, legs or ankles.

You can also use these as hand weights so if you are walking and your legs get tired, either fold them up and carry them as if they are dumbbells or tighten them around your forearms.  Be sure to really pump your arms so you get a good workout.