Aching Limbs

Top Ideas for Dealing with Aching Limbs

You don’t hear people complain about aching limbs the way they did in the olden days.  People rarely say, “Oh, my aching limbs!” the way they did in old movies or a few decades ago.  It sounds a bit quaint these days.

Of course, the fact this phrasing isn’t in use that much anymore doesn’t mean that modern medicine has eradicated these kinds of aches and pains.  If you are of a certain age and you happen to survey your friends, you will find that many of them still experience the familiar pain of aching limbs after a long day.

So what do you do if you come home after a particularly taxing workday and you feel like some malevolent demon has wrapped your muscles in concrete?  Here are some ideas:

A Hot Bath

As the old saying goes, water is the great healer.  Water helps with an assortment of maladies—among them, the usual aches and pains that we feel after overworking ourselves.  Just draw up a warm bath and then lie down in it.  Feel the warmth undo the knots in your muscles and lessen the pull of gravity.  A bit of bubble bath and some scented candles can really help put you in the proper state of luxuriance.  Perhaps read a good book while you unwind.  Be careful however not to fall asleep in the bathtub.  Put simply, the warm water can really help the muscles in your body to relax and pains to melt away.


One of the best things, of course, for aching limbs is to stop using them and to lie down for a good, replenishing rest.  Let your muscles go on vacation for a bit.  Laying down takes the pressure of gravity off the legs and arms.  You need not call it day, if you still have work to do--you could simply take an hour or two to revitalize yourself.  Just set your alarm and give yourself a chance to get back to normal.


Some people like to come home after a particularly grueling day and uncork a nice bottle of wine to relax.  This might be okay occasionally, but it is a dangerous habit to get into as alcohol can become a bit of crutch.  Avoid this kind of self-medication as much as possible.

Taking Vitamins

If your muscles seem particularly worn out and you’re not really sure why, then you might consider taking some Vitamin C to help in case you are coming down with cold or flu.  Often such maladies herald their coming through tiredness and aching limbs.

When Aching Limbs Are a Serious Sign

You generally want to consult your doctor whenever you feel any sort of unexplained ache in your limbs.  You should especially consider consulting your physician if you have prolonged pains.  These symptoms could be signs of a more serious condition.  You want to be especially cautious if your symptoms come on suddenly or seem to be getting progressively more intense.  A prolonged aching in you limbs could be a sign of an embattled immune system.


In addition, if you experience any coincidental symptoms such as numbness at your extremities or difficulty controlling your motor coordination, these are serious signs as well and it is not prudent to ignore them or wait for them to pass.  There are hosts of diseases that begin with these symptoms, so make an appointment with your physician right away.

In addition, even if you do not have any accompanying symptoms, it is important to mention excessive tiredness or unusual pains at your next regularly scheduled doctor’s visit, since what may seem like normal fatigue to you may help you physician to catch some condition that may be just beginning to take effect.